A Big Thank You!

11 August 2016




The negative positive or how the loss of a weeks cash takings made us realize the true value of our great community….

Last week we had an amazing week in the NGNG shop – plants and prints were purchased and we were very happy little Makers, then on Friday evening when we came to cash up we realized that our cash box had been stolen containing a weeks takings. After searching everywhere we could possibly think, we slowly began to realize that we’d been robbed. Of course it’s only money and in the grand scheme of things not a great deal to many… for us it’s what we rely on to feed our little family and support the family of makers and do-ers whose work makes NGNG what it is. We work hard – we don’t take breaks away and we dedicate so much to running NGNG it’s our lifestyle and our livelihood. We felt like we needed to turn this around into something more positive so decided to put on a ‘Make it Count sale’ to try to recoup some of our losses and took to social media to also see if anyone had seen anything and express how we felt about the situation.


Following the theft of a weeks takings from the shop we’re having a bit of a Sale to raise funds, re-coup losses & make way for some new energy We really hope the people who did this needed the money and it went towards a better life for them, some shelter perhaps from a storm. For us it’s a sacrifice in our personal lives, hurdle to jump & lost break from working hard. But that’s the way it goes All in all though we’re so thankful for our community and the support our friendly network brings. Thank you to all our friends who buy things from our little store, you’re helping to feed our little family and a whole host of other artists, makers and doers, nearby and slightly further away. You’re supporting a wonderful network of people doing things that make the world a better place. We can learn from every situation and we’re just wanting to say that we’re learning to let go of distrust and fear, welcome strangers not judge them, See the positive not feel the fear and grow through these experiences however negative they may seem at the time, thank you to all of those who support what we Makers do also if anyone local saw anything suspicious please do say #communityspiritwins #sale

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What followed was the most incredible response… first, messages of support and and care came pouring in to us via email, instagram and facebook. People swung by and our sale was looking like it may actually help the situation financially; we had an amazing Saturday thanks to all the wonderful people in our community, and as if that wasn’t enough we then heard that two friends of ours had set up a GoFundMe so that people could donate to reclaim our takings! We were totally blown away as the money and donations came pouring in and we quickly reached our target in just three days! We are so very grateful for this, it means so much to us, our little family, the artists makers and designers that we support and it’s a true testament to our motto – your community is what you make it!


Our extended Thank You’s go out to Kalee Haskins and especially to Abi Eastman who spent time setting up and managing the crowd funder, we’re so amazed by your generosity and heart. And thank you to everyone who donated to us, it means a lot!


To everyone who stopped by the store, shared posts and shared kind words, support and reached out to us we thank you for lifting our spirits.


We are always so aware that No Guts No Glory wouldn’t be what it is today without the support and work of everyone in our community.


Peace and love,


Nath and Hayles



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