Ceramic pots by Jode Pankhurst

09 October 2015

We’re alway’s surrounding ourselves with those little things that make us smile, it’s naturally what we’re attracted too, and right now that’s these beautiful pots by designer/maker Jode Pankhurst.


Ceramic Pot by Jode Pankhurst


Soft colours and fine details make these handcrafted beauties a delight to behold. Made from the softest porcelain and beautifully glazed, Jode Pankhurst sure is a clever lady. Working from the ceramics studio at Coburg House, Edinburgh, Jode’s charming illustrated pieces are all slightly different due to their handmade nature making each one totally unique.


Each piece in her collection is created in ceramic and made through a lengthy and worthwhile handmade process. First Jode has to make each item larger than the final product will be, to allow for shrinkage during firing. Once the initial shape is created – which Jode says is usually done without sketching allowing for a more natural and playful finished piece – Jode then paints the clay with coloured underglazes before she fires them in the kiln to 1250 degrees. Once she has then re-glazed areas of the piece and finished her characterful designs she then fires them again and finally the piece is sanded and ready to brighten up somebody’s home or foliage!


We’re so happy to offer these to you in our online shop, Tired Tamsin will make a great vessel for any plant, toothbrush or your favourite paintbrushes and the Pattern Pots will brighten your homely space with their colour and form. We’re totally smitten and we think you will be too.







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