Handcrafted one of a kind skate decks and wooden spoons by Hec’s Decks

30 June 2015

For most kids just skating boards is enough but that definitely wasn’t the case for designer maker Hector Morton. He was just 16 when he began making skate decks, skating the first boards ever made at Southbank and Stockwell at the weekends.


Now he lives in Exeter where he works as a laser engraver and product designer, as well as making boards in his workshop. Over the years he’s perfected his hand built press, building boards that are not only beautiful art pieces but are also durable and built for the most comfortable ride. Using a cold pressing process designed to cure the woods with respect and care creating lightweight boards that are designed to last.


Hector is a man after our own hearts, holding sustainable design and manufacturing processes at the core of his project. He uses his own resins that are not only stronger but also more environmentally friendly, using wood that only comes from sustainable sources. Hector uses the offcuts from his boards to make beautifully unique wooden spoons and salad servers, hand finishing each piece with walnut oil, such an awesome way to make the most of his beautifully pressed boards, and minimising waste in the process!


Hector also finishes selected decks with laser engraved illustration, making the most of the grain in the wood and adding a truly unique touch to his decks. He’s been working with NGNG Illustrator Philip Harris, as well as a collaboration with the mighty Joel Millerchip, you can definitely expect more collaborations with NGNG artists in the future. If you have something special in mind we can also work with Hector to create your own custom board with a custom illustration from one of the NGNG crew!


Hector is also one of the friendliest, most down to earth chaps we know, the care he puts into his boards is really evident, I guess when you’ve been honing a hand crafted process since your teenage years and putting your hands to action, some of that rubs off on your character…


You can find Hecs Decks in Exeter store or in our web store and a selection of spoons and salad serves in store only. Contact info@ngngdesign for more information on creating your custom illustrated deck.


Here’s a little video of Hector laser engraving the ply used to make the Eagle Cruser designed by Philip Harris






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