Mountains, Moons and Masked Animals with Sandra Dieckmann!

12 September 2013

You don’t need to meet Sandra Dieckmann to know that she is a warm and wonderful creature – her alluring work speaks for itself… it covers the walls of the NGNG shop and fills us with delight and inspiration, especially when the days start to get a little darker.


Like the smell of Autumn air (a favorite topic of ours at the minute) it’s indefinable but laced with nostalgia and magic, full harvest moons and the animals that somehow follow us around finding their way into our lives through mystical connections. It’s no wonder her work has been loved and adored so much by so many and her open spirit has seen her revel in opportunities like the White Canvas Project and speaking in front of 2000 people for Etsy at Semi Permanent. She’s a wild one to watch, her work is constantly evolving growing and changing like the seasons themselves, we took a refreshing  stroll through her mind and found out a little about being Mama Wolf, The Masquerade, Mountains and the many moons of Sandra’s world!




1) Last time we visited you NGNG snuck into your studio in Hackney for a little gander.  Tell us about the creatures that you share Studio Mama Wolf with, and do you find having a pack of wolves around you aids your creative process?


I liked having No Guts No Glory here! You should definitely come again one day. All creatures big and small are welcome at Mama Wolf Studio, especially if they bring cake and make tea. 


I like hanging and standing up all sorts of furry faces around me. It’s great company when you look around the room and it inspires me to think about them and their form and living spaces and make up little stories.


The wolves that occupy the studio are ace. Laura Wolf, Jill Wolf and Esther Wolf.


We jump up from our tables some times and have a little wild wolf dance to relieve any nervous energy that is stored up from sitting down too long. That helps greatly with my creative process and we are always there for support and advice and exchanging ideas too. I enjoy sharing now although I do retreat to focus on a picture and still take that home. It’s just a different way of working completely and both have their pros and cons.


2) Animals in Masks! Tell us about the Masquerade?


Yes! That was fun. I collaborate with Girls Who Draw, a group of female illustrators that are based in the UK. Over the last few years we have grown from a small group to a larger network of contributors and collaborate in order to publish a postcard book once a year which is also accompanied by an exhibition. The whole thing is run and organised by the fabulous Karoline Rerrie and hosts some amazing talent.


This years Motto was ‘Masquerade’ and as soon as I knew that I had an idea of drawing predators and their prey.


I did a little ask around on my Facebook page getting ideas of people favourite combinations and the cat/owl, chicken/fox, lion/zebra made nice couples to illustrate. They kinda came together in my head before I even drew them and made me smirk and smile which is always a good sign for an image. Just a bit of fun really and I hope you will enjoy the postcard books that are on their way to us right now and will be stocked soon! I certainly had a great time making friends with these cheeky faces. If you want to find out more this is the FB page ::


3) You’ve climbed many mountains and travelled across oceans since your career as an illustrator began.  What’s been the pinnacle of your journey? Are there any special moments you think of often?


Oh well … it’s really hard to pin point anything in particular. Flying to Australia and New Zealand this year to speak in front of more than 2000 people at Semi Permanent was definitely a little mind blowing. Being up on that stage with the headlights in my face and talking for an hour while people laughed and smiled is an experience money can not buy.


Most of the time I just feel like little me though and feel like hiding so it can be quite a challenge to be exposed and out in the open like that. It’s still a wonder to me how these things happen and I often feel like I’m standing beside myself when I receive so much praise and lovely feedback from my followers and the people I get to meet. I would probably say that the contacts and friendships I have made over the last few years have been the pinnacle of my journey like meeting you wonderful NGNG for example.


4)  If you could draw yourself a world to live in, what would it look like?


It would have a horizon I could see at all times and many patterned trees. On those we built glowing tree houses that we live in. A little like the Ewok village in Star Wars. You could always see and hear the sea if you just climb high enough and there would be many moons at night. Big animals would roam the ground and would be friendly to cuddle and ride and stroll through the landscape with. Bird song would be ever present and the world would feel soft and magical with many different corners to explore and a rich fauna and flora that everyone would protect and live in tune with. It is absolutely Utopian and would in no way relate to anything that would ever be possible on earth but I guess it’s nice to dream.


Thanks Sandra!


Sandra’s masked animals have now found their way to the NGNG shop and in our online shop too!


We’ll be back shortly with news of a brand new project #NGNGBOPPERS! COMING SOON! Art is hard – and sometimes DANGEROUS!!!!


Hayles & Nath

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