New Shop Views

18 April 2016

We’ve been settling into the new home of NGNG for the past few weeks, and thoroughly  enjoying our new sunny views as well as the extra space the move has given us. We thought we’d share a few pictures of our beautiful new shop, you’ll find an ever evolving selection of visual delights over on our Instagram, and do keep an eye on the website for our new ranges.


No Guts No Glory Lifestyle Store


Photograph by Sion Roe


No Guts No Glory Lifestyle Store



No Guts No Glory Lifestyle Store


The new space boasts two beautiful light filled rooms, workshop space and a basement which has become home to our in-house framing studio and photography studio as well as a little office space. We are truly spoilt! It seems crazy that just a few years ago we were in such a tiny space, organically we’ve managed to grow the little business into a blossoming creative community space that we will have room to expand into for some time.

We’re truly thankful for the support of our community customers and fellow traders, that make this area of Exeter a friendly haven, an oasis of indie shops and creative businesses that just keeps on growing.



No Guts No Glory 2015 • 125 Fore Street Exeter EX4 3JQ •

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