Parlor Tattoo Prints!

15 July 2015

We are now home to some of Quyen Dinh’s wonderful Parlor Tattoo Prints! Inspired by the flash art that graces the walls of traditional tattoo studios, Dinh has reinterpreted elements of the artform to work in her own practice.


Whether you love tattoos or not, there is no denying that there is something incredibly aesthetically pleasing about this old school style captured on canvas.


The Los Angeles based artist knows how to pick her subject matter, she chooses iconic characters that mirror aspects of herself, creating bold and beautifully coloured paintings that her audience can also relate to.  Her flash styled paintings here at NGNG are so perfectly composed that they could certainly make a stunning tattoo, we have no doubt that this is because Dinh’s absolute love for what she does seeps into every brushstroke that she makes.


parlor tattoo prints

We stock Quyen’s prints in 11×14″ (approx A3), and also offer a bespoke in-store framing service in an array of coloured frames. Pop in and see for yourself! You’ll also find her prints in our webshop, where we’ll soon be offering a full framing service too!


We were lucky enough to get the chance to ask Quyen a bit more about her work, check out our interview below with the talented painter!


Your Parlor Tattoo Prints beautifully capture the mystic folklore and symbolism that western tattoo traditions often boldly represent, what first drew you to work with paint and paper rather than ink and skin?


I am drawn to paint and canvas rather than ink and skin because my passion lies in fine art. I’m a painter. The art of tattooing and painting on canvas (or digitally) themselves are so different and in those differences are the exact reasons why I have chosen one over the other. For instance, I’m an introvert and prefer to work alone and in private. That isn’t an option as a tattoo artist.


The Fan Art Section of your easy store is a film and tattoo lover’s dream! How much of your own personality is revealed in your fan art choices?


Thank you! I would say a good 90% of my personality can be seen in those choices. And the rest are requests that keep popping up from time to time and surely, I cannot deny the people!


Which Fan Art image did you most enjoy creating?


That is an incredibly hard question to answer being that I really just enjoy taking a certain part of pop culture and reinterpreting it into the tattoo style. But if I must pick, I’d say Shaun of The Dead because it’s just such a hilarious movie that while coming up with the design, I was laughing out loud!


If your characters could speak, what would they say about you?


Omg haha… perhaps that I am the epitome of the neurotic artist!



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