Winter Squash! NGNG winter jumper design 2015

30 October 2015

Every year we sit down as the leaves began to brown and begin to brew a concept or two for a jumper design that will warm cockles and wrap us all up snug-as-a-bug as the nights draw in.


This year as Winter Squash began to appear at the farmers markets, we both twigged – “WINTER SQUASH!” we exclaimed in unison, the morning air stinging our cheeks…. “Nah” said Nath, “who’s going to want a jumper full of vegetables?”, “Yeah right!” I chortled back, we marched homewards, sacks of heavy winter veggies and the promise of a week of warming soups and fresh thoughts in the mist.


Two days later we sat together, both staring at the table in deep thought. “Anything?” Nath asked tentatively. “There is something, but…..” I sighed, stirring my tea slowly and deliberately, something just wasn’t quite knitting together.

“Winter Squash would have been so good…..


“Hmmmmm” we both sighed…

“How about…” an idea began to form and push its way slowly from my sleepy mind. “Ok, hear me out…. Winter Squash could be a bunch of winter animals all squashed together?”…. silence……

“Like hibernating?” Nath asked, I could tell he was getting on board


“Yes just like that”


“That’s like all the best things about winter all on one jumper” he said, a stream of winter animals running wild through his mind… “and of course it has to be penned by Philip Harris….”


And so it was born, the most warming NGNG design ever made, a menagerie of Winter Animals keeping each other warm all wrapped up in a mighty Oak, surrounded by a circle of acorns, fir cones and autumn leaves, a community of all kinds, united in the safety and warmth of each others fur as they sleep away the dark days and cold winter nights.

wintet squash design of no guts no glory by philip harris

Philip Harris bought this idea to life, the etched detail and character of these contented souls could only be drawn by such a talent. The more you look into this design the more you notice, the expression of dear Badger, the tufty ears of cosy squirrels and the tail of the dormouse, surrounded by familiar shapes of the plush winter foliage, pine cones, acorns, oak leaves and of course the acronym NGNG, reminding us of our common goals and looking beyond our differences to gain an understanding and help each other through stark times.


Winter Squash Organic Jumpers by Philip Harris


Winter Squash is now available in store and on-line, printed with water based eco-friendly inks onto organic Sweaters and T-Shirts.


We hope you love a good winter squash as much as we do!


Stay warm…






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